About AZQ

AZQ (Azenqos) is a product line developed by Freewill FX Company Limited. Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information, trial units and trial licenses, purchase info, please email to support@azenqos.com

AZQ Product Development Team

Don Plooksawasdi
University of Delaware (M.B.A.)
Kasetsart University (B.Sc.)
AZQ Project Manager and Business Development Manager
Android phone selection & Access Modification Procedures
Solution-wide Testing, Troubleshooting and Quality Control

Songkran Jarusirisawad, Ph.D.
Keio University (Ph.D. and M.E.)
Chulalongkorn University (B.E.)
Creator of AZQ Android Application
Creator of AZQ Server's Processing System
Creator of AZQ Replay/Analysis Software
Implemented AZQ's WCDMA and LTE Layer-3 RRC Message Decoders

Rattisuk Rattisukpimol
Thammasart University (B.Sc.)
Creator of AZQ Server's Report Generation: KPI, Map-plots, KML
Various AZQ Android Application Feature Development
AZQ Replay Map Engine Development
Autoboot-on-power features (Recovery and Kernel modifications).

Kasidit Yusuf
Kasetsart University (B.Sc.)
Creator of AZQ's Layer-3 signalling messages' access, parsing and extraction engine.
Creator of AZQ's deep radio parameters' access, decode stack and calculation engine.
Creator of AZQ's advanced radio locking/forcing/control features.
Creator of AZQ's custom Android/Linux kernel and firmware add-ons/modifications.

Kan Tinnawon
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (B.Sc.)
Android development: Graphs, New tests modules
Android Tablet Indoor marking - Bluetooth connection to multiple AZQ phones

Chaiwut Autakoonchai
Silpakorn University (B.Sc.)
AZQ Web-Applications development: AZQ web dashboard, centralized log/device management

Bakky Ummata
Thammasart University (B.Sc.)
Android phone access modifications expert, installation technical support.

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