AZQ Android - DriveTest Solution for LTE, WCDMA and GSM

Deep Radio Measurement Parameters and Layer-3 Message Signalling on Android

From Tests to Excel Reports - IN MINUTES INSTEAD OF HOURS!

Ideal for New Site Setup tests, In-building walk tests, Routine DriveTests and Reporting


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  1. Find a compatible local phone:
    • Google (LG) Nexus 5
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-G900F, SM-G900I etc - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-N910F - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-N915F - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Sony Xperia E3 (D2202)
    • For other devices please email us at:
  2. Submit a AZQ free-trial request here: AZQ Free-Trial Request Form

  3. Follow the installation manual for your device:
    • Once a license is granted for your phone’s IMEI, you’d get an installation manual via email. Read the instructions well and follow closely until completion.
    • Activate the license online.
  4. Try AZQ FOR 30 DAYS!
    • Follow the AZQ User’s Manual.
    • Create and run test scripts on phone.
    • Upload logs from phone to server.
    • Get the Excel, Google Earth KML, Mapinfo MIF and CSV reports all automatically generated on our AZQ web reporing dashboard.
  5. Liked it? Get’s your job done?
    • Email us your IMEI to to upgrade to a Full License, we’d then provide the details to:
    • Pay via Bank Transfer and send us the receipt.
    • FREE 1-Year azq-web-reporting account service!

Email us at for more info.

Complete your mobile network test and maintenance tasks FAST and EASY with AZQ Android!

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