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Deep Radio Measurement Parameters and Layer-3 Message Signalling on Android

From Tests to Excel Reports - IN MINUTES INSTEAD OF HOURS!

Ideal for New Site Setup tests, In-building walk tests, Routine DriveTests and Reporting

Introduction to AZQ Android End-to-End Drivetest Solution

Advanced Locking Features on Samsung S5 - without restarts!

AZQ now supports the Samsung S5 (SM-G900F) with advanced locking/forcing/control features - as in Youtube video on the left. It includes LTE PCI Cell locking, EARFCN Locking, WCDMA PSC Stay, WCDMA UARFCN, GSM/WCDMA Band Lock and more. No restart required between locking operations!

Now with VoLTE: live SIP Call Flow on Samsung S5 running AZQ Android

Analyze VoLTE call issues and statistics. This video shows how to access and analyze full unecrypted SIP messages (no IPSec, ESP) as well as LTE RRC messages live during the voice call - from a local off-the-shelf Samsung S5 (SM-G900F).


Get started now! FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!

We reserve the right to grant/deny trial requests - at our own discretion - based on your company/business information or other details submitted in the trial-request.

  1. Find a compatible local phone:
    • Google (LG) Nexus 5
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-G900F, SM-G900I etc - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-N910F - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Qualcomm-Based variants only. (Model: SM-N915F - check ‘Settings’ > ‘About’).
    • Sony Xperia E3 (D2202)
    • For other devices please email us at:
  2. Submit a AZQ free-trial request here: AZQ Free-Trial Request Form

  3. Follow the installation manual for your device
    • Once a license is granted for your phone’s IMEI, you’d get an installation manual via email. Read the instructions well and follow closely until completion.
    • Activate the license online.
  4. Try AZQ FOR 30 DAYS!
    • Follow the AZQ User’s Manual.
    • Create and run test scripts on phone.
    • Upload logs from phone to server.
    • Get the Excel, Google Earth KML, Mapinfo MIF and CSV reports all automatically generated on our AZQ web reporing dashboard.
  5. Like it? Buy it!
    • Email us your IMEI to to upgrade to a Full License, we’d then provide the details to:
    • Pay via Bank Transfer and send us the receipt.
    • FREE 1-Year azq-web-reporting account service!

Email us at for more info.

Complete your mobile network test and maintenance tasks FAST and EASY with AZQ Android!

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