AZQ Android - WCDMA/GSM DriveTest Tool on Android

AZQ is a 3-in-1 Radio Network Test Solution for GSM, WCDMA and now starting LTE:
1. TEST on Android - Live DriveTest-grade radio parameters and L3 messages display on compatible low-cost, off-the-shelf phones.
2. GET REPORTS ON WEB IN MINUTES! KPIs and all essential Radio Parameters’ coverage plot on MAPINFO maps - ready in Excel files - waiting to be copy/pasted into your DriveTest report. You also get Google Earth KML and csv export for the custom work you may need.
3. ANALYZE Layer-3 Messages - Call Drop/Block Analysis? Select and download logs from web then analyze with our AZQ Replay Software.

AZQ Presentation & Overview from Don Plooksawasdi

TRY IT NOW! Please email <azqhelp[at]> for trial units, license details and more info.

NOTE: Due to high demands, we might not be able to offer certain customization services at the moment, and might be slower to respond to your queries. Thanks for your patience!

News (August 2013) - Now providing live L3 on Android! Now supporting Sony Xperia SP (C6603), Sony Xperia Tipo single-sim (ST21i). Below are some live L3 on the low-cost HTC Explorer:

News (June 2013) - Now supporting SONY XPERIA V (LT25i), Google Nexus 4 (LG), and more. Please contact us for the full list.

Locate problem areas, get reports, dashboards and ALSO ANALYZE WHY THE PROBLEMS HAPPEN - WITH DRIVETEST-GRADE DATA like Ec/Io, RSCP, RSRP, RSRQ, RxLevel, RxQual, C/I and also Layer-3 Messages replay.

The routine testing and KPI teams finally have a cost-effective solution that provides deep radio parameters, Layer 3 messages in the logs (“evidence”) TO HELP THE NETWORK ENGINEERS TO REPLAY, ANALYZE AND FIX THE PROBLEMS: (Call Drops, Call Blocks, internet data speeds, coverage…

Please note that AZQ does NOT support cell-locking (ARFCN, PSC) - but you can still use AZQ for routine coverage plots and KPI reports - saving you much valuable time and costs.

How AZQ helps radio network testing teams?

AZQ helps save the engineer’s time for most routine KPI testing, indoor testing and report generation work - AZQ automates most of the time consuming work - generating excel reports (with parameter-on-map plot screenshots) and Google Earth KMLs - automatically in minutes at the server after the auto-upload from phone.

Additionally, AZQ also provide a Replay tool for the Engineers to analyze the problematic logs donwloaded from server. This way, expert engineers can spend less time on the common cases and spend more time on more advanced, real time analysis cases where common PC-based tools also Scanners are really required on-site.

Run test scripts on mobile

Run tests on a HUGE NUMBER OF PHONES (compatible cost-effective phones)

Azq android 3g cells screenshot

Get the logs on the web

Test logs are (automatically) uploaded to the central server

Download logs and analyze the problems

Analyze call drop, call blocks, coverage, interference and other network problems from log replay in our PC AZQ log analysis software - radio parameters and Layer-3 messages. New feature: WCDMA IntraFreq, InterFreq, InterRAT measurement events, and also ActiveSet addition/removal lists are extracted (from RRC Measurement Report) and shown in the Events window.

Generate MS Excel Reports, Export Logs to csv and KML

The server generates an excel report for each uploaded log. What about multiple log export? Yes we can! Just use the Replay software’s “Export Log” feature to combine multiple logs, and export to Excel, CSV/TXT (for import to Mapinfo, Actix) and KML for playback in Google Earth. Ec/Io, RSCP, RxLevel, RxQual (and other values as choosen) overlay on Mapinfo/MapXtreme screenshots are automatically generated into the Excel reports.

Call Blocks, Call Drops, Slow Internet, Data Connect Failures

Test, Locate and analyze the problems in your mobile network with AZQ Android - Pervasive, Powerful Network Optimization on everyday devices.